The ultra-cool DaggerWare logo: a must-load!

DaggerWare is dedicated to producing quality shareware for the 3Com PalmPilot personal electronic organizer. Its main programmer is Edward Keyes, a graduate student in theoretical astrophysics at MIT who's taking scant minutes off here and there to code cool apps for the coolest organizer ever created!

From this central page you can download all the available DaggerWare applications, and register them online using the secure server at PilotGear Headquarters. For more info, select one of the topics below:

Dinky Pad v0.92

The flagship application from DaggerWare, Dinky Pad is a full-fledged graphical notepad, allowing freehand notetaking with basic drawing tools over a virtual canvas much larger than the screen of your PalmPilot. A must-have for everyone who's ever said, "Just a second, sir, but I can't write as fast in Graffiti as I can normally." Pat Beirne has released a Dinky Pad image viewer application for Windows PCs as part of his General Conduit Manager project. While you're here, check out the drawings from the Dinky Pad Art Contest, held when Dinky Pad was first released.

AppHack 1.01

The much awaited revision to the original AppHack, this version allows you to assign up to twenty-four apps for instant access with just two sequential button pushes. Never go to the Applications dialog again! This version is written to comply with the HackMaster system extension protocol, so you can be sure it won't conflict with any other system patches.

HackMaster 0.9

The PalmOS system software is fine as it is, but there are just some things that can only be done by bypassing it entirely. Unfortunately, writing and installing a system patch is a huge pain, and almost sure to provoke conflicts with other patches. HackMaster is my solution to these woes. It provides a standard method for managing, installing, and uninstalling system extensions, and many other third-party developers have embraced it as the system-patching method of choice.

Miscellaneous Hacks

Now that you've got HackMaster installed, check out these tiny little Hack files. They're super-small, and freeware, so what could be better?

Register your DaggerWare software online!

Although we are happy to provide you with our software to try out for a while free of charge, we do hope that if you find yourself using it, you will register it with us for a modest fee. This not only gets you signed up to receive all future updates, but it helps to support quality Pilot software development.

The DaggerWare FAQ

Wondering what the heck is going on? Or just curious about where you could get one of those nifty daggers featured in the DaggerWare logo? Then check out the FAQ!

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Go ahead, say hi to the DaggerWare "crew" at tech02-at-daggerware-dot-com.