Miscellaneous Hacks

Some extra files for HackMaster

The nice thing about the HackMaster system is that the trap patch installation routines are only present in HackMaster itself, leaving the Hack files to be lean and mean.

This page is devoted to tiny little Hack files that do very specific things but aren't worth your money to register. All are freeware, so share and enjoy.

MenuHack v1.2

MenuHack corrects a small user interface deficiency in the PalmPilot. Ordinarily, clicking in the title bar of an application does nothing, which is very counter-intuitive for anyone used to the drop-down menus of Macs and PCs.

Thus MenuHack fixes things so that clicking in the title bar of an application (if the app has a title bar, of course) will drop down the menu bar, thus saving yourself on the order of half a second that you would ordinarily have taken to move the stylus down to the silk-screened area.

The v1.2 update is now fully compatible with the new PalmPilot models. Owners of previous Pilot models should also get the update, though, since 1.2 also includes a minor compatibility fix for a few third-party apps.

I'm sure you just wanna download it at this point. Here it is:
Download MenuHack v1.2 (2K)

This software is freeware. If you find yourself using it regularly, good for you!

Questions? Check out the Miscellaneous Hacks FAQ.

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