Register your DaggerWare software

Thanks for attempting to register our software, but we aren't accepting any more registrations, since (a) development on our Palm software has pretty much stopped with no sign of restarting, so we can't promise updates like good shareware authors should, and (b) a lot of the registrations we have been getting recently are people who think they have to pay for the software to download it from PalmGear, and then get mad when it doesn't meet their expectations. We hate inadvertently taking advantage of people like that.

So, please consider all of our Palm software to be freeware, effective immediately, and thus feel free to ignore the "Please register!" pleas in the about boxes.

If you want to send us a "thanks" or "you suck" postcard, we can still be reached at:

          515 San Pierre Way
          Mountain View, CA 94043

And of course, you may also write us at tech02-at-daggerware-dot-com.

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